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Open for Lunch Wed - Sun 11am - 3pm
open daily for Dinner 5pm - 10pm

complete your meal - order garlic bread!

Wow! From GQ Magazine Interview Dec 8 2022.. Thanks so much Damien :)

For Take Out & Reservations

please call: 971-279-5684


Prosciutto Crudo     14.00

Italian dry cured ham served with green olives

Salame Piatto     10.00

A platter of thinly sliced Italian salame. smoked Napoli salame

and spicy fennel pecante salame - served with green olives

Mortadella Piatto   13.00

A plate of thinly sliced Italian mortadella

Melanzane     8.50

Grilled eggplant slices brushed with olive oil, salt and pepper   VG

Zucchini     8.00

Grilled zucchini slices brushed with olive oil, salt and pepper    VG

Pepperone     7.00

Roasted bell peppers with garlic, salt and olive oil    VG

Piatto Antipasto     12.00 (serves 1-2)     21.00 (serves 3-4)

Selection of Italian dried meats, cheeses, grilled vegetables and olives

Antipasto Senza Carne     9.00 (serves 1-2)     17.00 (serves 3-4)

Selection of seasonal vegetables, cheeses, and olives

Bruschetta al Pomodoro     13.00

Rustic Italian bread toasted and seasoned with garlic, olive oil and salt topped

with diced fresh tomato, fresh basil and oregano    VG

Bruschetta al Pesto     13.00

Rustic Italian bread toasted, topped with garlic, olive oil and salt with pesto and fresh mozzarella

Piatto di Formaggi     12.00

Pecorino, Asiago, and Fontina cheese served with seasonal fruit, honey and crackers


Garlic Bread - Pane all’ Aglio     6.50

Rustic Italian bread, brushed with fresh garlic, olive oil and parmesan cheese    VM



Caesar Salad - *Insalata Cesarina     13.50

Romaine lettuce leafs, hardboiled egg, parmesan and croutons tossed with Caesar dressing    VM

Insalata Caprese     14.00

Fresh soft Mozzarella and sliced tomato served with fresh basil and olive oil    VM

Insalata Mista     12.50

Mixed greens, with pear, pecans & goat cheese with a balsamic and olive oil dressing    VG

Add Grilled Salmon $11.00  –  Add Grilled Chicken Breast $5.50

Insalata di Bietole    12.50

Organic beets, arugula, toasted walnuts, asiago cheese with lemon and olive oil dressing   VM

La MINESTRA - soup

Minestrone Soup

Cup     6.00          Bowl     9.00

Always homemade   VM


VG – Vegan        VM – Vegetarian



PASTA FRESCA e SECCA -   Gluten Free Pasta add 1.50


Lasagna al Forno     18.00

Traditional oven baked pasta layered with beef and pork ragu and fresh béchamel

Lasagna Bianca al Forno   18.00

A white lasagna oven baked with Italian sausage, pecorino, parmigiana, mozzarella and fresh béchamel

Rigatoni alla Bolognese     18.50

Rigatoni with a traditional, slow home cooked meat sauce

Spaghetti con Polpette     18.50

Spaghetti Marinara with home-made meatballs

Linguini Chicken Marsala    19.50

Chicken with a creamy Marsala and mushroom sauce tossed with Linguini

Spaghetti Carbonara    17.00

Spaghetti with pancetta, pecorino romano, eggs & pepper

Ravioli    18.50

Spinach and ricotta ravioli with a fresh tomato sauce

Pennoni con Pancetta     17.00

Pennoni with pancetta in a vodka cream tomato sauce

Trofie con Pesto   17.00

Trofie (short twisted bronze cut pasta) with fresh pesto sauce

Pennoni al Salmone Affumicato     18.00

Pennoni with smoked salmon in a vodka cream tomato sauce

Linguini Mare Chiaro     22.00

Linguini with salmon, shrimp, scallops and calamari in a light red pepper flake marinara sauce

Pasta del Fornaio     18.00

Fresh pappardelle pasta with an Italian sausage, caramelized onion and red wine tomato sauce

Cappellini al Pomodoro    17.00

Angel hair pasta with a chopped fresh tomato, basil and parmesan marinara sauce    VM

Spaghetti all’Aglio, olio e Peperoncino     13.50

Spaghetti with garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes    VG

Add chicken 5.50 - add shrimp 7.50 - add sausage 4.50 - add vegetables 4.50

Rigatoni alla Boscaiola     18.50

Rigatoni pasta with a creamy mushroom, prosciutto cotto and Italian sausage

Gnocchi Piccante    19.50

Italian dumplings with a fresh spicy marinara sauce   VM

Bucatini all Amatriciana     17.00

Bucatini pasta with a homemade sauce of red wine, pancetta and pecorino romano cheese


Salmone alla Griglia     24.00

Grilled salmon topped with an aromatic lemon dressing and served with sautéed veg of the day and roasted potatoes

Scaloppina di Pollo     23.00

Chicken scaloppini with white wine lemon caper sauce, roasted potatoes and veg of the day

New York Steak *Bistecca di Manzo alla Griglia     34.00

Grilled New York steak topped with a dollop of jalapeno butter and served with roasted potatoes and veg of the day


CONTORNI – sides

Spinaci Sautéed w/ garlic 5.50   Broccolini Sautéed w/ garlic 9.00   Bietole Sautéed w/ garlic 7.00  

VG – Vegan        VM - Vegetarian

gratuity of 20% is added to all parties of 6 or more


Affogato al Caffe

A scoop of gelato topped with a double  shot of Lavazza espresso 8.00



Ladyfingers soaked in espresso with cocoa marscapone  9.00


Triple Chocolate

Chocolate and white chocolate mousse, covered in a dark chocolate glaze  8.50


Torta Della Nonna

A flakey crust filled with a silky pastry cream with a hint of vanilla and lemon zest topped with pine nuts  8.50



Tube shaped shells filled with a sweet creamy ricotta filling  7.50


Gelato & Sorbetto

Assorted flavors 6.00


Caffe Americano 3.50          Cappuccino  4.00


Caffe Mocha  4.50         Caffe Latte  4.00


Espresso  3.00


Frangelico Cappuccino 8.50          Kahlua Cappuccino 8.50


Café Corretto  6.50

Espresso with Grappa or Sambucca


Krohn Ruby Porto  7.50

Portugal – delicious with chocolate


Two Leaves Tea  2.95

Organic Tea Selection

NEW WINE SPECIALS  -  by the Glass or Bottle

2021 Pinot Grigio Giardino (Italy)  7.00   27.00

2020 Chardonnay Revelation (France)  9.00   33.00

2021 Rose Emma Reichardt (Germany)  7.00   27.00

2020 Chianti  Gaetano D’Aquino (Italy)  9.00   33.00

2019 Sangiovese Grifone Toscana (Italy) 9.00  33.00

2020 Casa Santos Limas (Portugal) 7.00   27.00

casa italia logo.jpg

We have a new Espresso Machine courtesy of Lavazza Premium Coffee!

All Lavazza espresso drinks are also available for take out!

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